To hell & back again,. (Part 2)

So I've spoken lightly about my bad romance and my health,.

Work,. It has been stressful. Basically the difficulty has been increasing month over month,. Support roles have their ups & downs,. These past 3 months there's been an increase on support tickets,. So most of the time I don't get done with what's on my plate. This and thinking about someone who apparently is two-faced in my book has gotten me anxious more often than not. But I have come to the realization that I have to accept both matters a they are and take each day as it comes. Expect that my job will need me as long as it is there and expect nothing from anyone else, if fact, expect, for no one be there for me, ever.

So 3 months and I'm not scratching the surface of everything I've been through, the death threats, the crazy ex and her issues, and many other cries for help. lol,.

But all in all, I hang in there, because no matter what I do feel like a better man. I am working on myself, even though what surrounds me is chaotic and somewhat stupid. I walk my path and so far I have been successful to take care of myself,.

So that's that, at the moment,.

For now & always,. A daydreamer trying to escape reality,.