Killing Time with Wx - Episode 2

What really makes you angry? 

I am a calm person most often than not. But the there are three things that can make me angry.


This one is easy,. When people take my stuff without asking. That is rude on so many levels, I can't stand it. Specially, if I'm looking for said thing. When it is obviously (except to me) that it is nowhere to be found.


Disrespect my privacy. I will share (thoughts, activities, history, past) what I want to share. The rest of me, is for me alone and I will choose to whom I share what share. No asking me for my phone, no asking for passwords, dates, times, where, when, why. Zero. If you want to know how fucked up I am read my blog, that's probably the only other source you get, apart from me sharing thoughts live.

A few months ago an Ex of mine made the mistake of challenging this (asked to see my phone). Left my house angry, but no is and always will be, no. Especially if you stated that you shared this same sentiment. lol. (Yes, I had things on my phone that were only meant for my eyes.)


This one may not be as instant as the other two. But mistaking my kindness and patience as a weakness. Might be the one thing that makes me really, really, angry. When I care for someone, I try to be there for them. But when you demand it and are even unappreciative of it? Two things, you are undermine my time and undervalue me as a person. When my patience taps out,. Let me put it this way,. As I posted on Facebook earlier this month,.

"Guard your tongue & tread lightly, if you unwittingly spark the anger of a patient man,."

What motivates you to work hard? 

Observing the good results of hard work motivate me.

What is your favorite thing about your career? 

The people I meet. The acknowledgment from those in my area (Colleagues and Clients) that I am knowledgeable at what I do. That respect fulfills me. :)

What is your biggest complaint about your job? 

As strange as this may sound. I have none. I love what I do. Probably the only thing I can complain is the fact that there is no Air Conditioning at home and I want a more comfortable chair and desk. lol.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I'm a shy person, always have been, so it goes with out saying that I lack confidence. I may have the knowledge but lacking confidence will bring you to your knees and forget anything you know when presenting to a large group. So my proudest accomplishment is giving training to 200+ people by myself. Getting through that hour of Q&A and being personally thanked by the attendees for the training. I do this every Friday (with others) now. To be honest, at the end of every webinar I do I feel so pumped and with a boost of confidence. So hands down, my proudest accomplishment.