Beyond Fight or Flight,.

I've been sitting @ Starbucks close to 9 hours now. Doing that thing I'm responsible of. Sipping on some Spearmint Green Tea as chaos unfolds on my display. The end of the month just passed and with it comes a wave of tickets in need of assistance. So one by one, I spread knowledge on my victims, making their doubts cease to exist. Hit after hit, I slash with wisdom, I hack seeding information, my foes decrease in formation. But after the clouds of debris settle. I find myself exhausted, but losing my train of thought, slowly decreasing my attacks.

Annnd,. lol,. my inspiration of my day to day (good ol' work) has now subside. For I will get out of Starbucks and have drinks with my friends,.

I'll pick this up later,. Evening world,. cheers,.

To be concluded,.