Like Icarus,.

Light up one,.

Hey there,

It's been two crazy weeks. In the cycle of things (as in sometimes your on point and sometimes you hit yourself on every corner you turn), I've been slowly gliding downwards these two weeks, trying to pick myself back up. Exhaustion has been on going right after work,. Sudden drowsiness when it's time to code. Not much feelings to do much, even though I've been wasting my time doing bad decisions. My own to keep,.

I've also thought on things to post,. cause it's things I want to look back and remember (if I ever walk down this road of posts in the future). But time has been an asset I have very little of.

Tomorrow ends the work week, the dilemma is I have to O.T. the weekend (team rotates O.T on weekends, O.T. = more money = shorter weekend). Hope I can fit in a good ol' mind disconnect. And what works for that is to take a trip, alone, no family, no friends, just disappear to a place you can rest, away from it all. Hopefully I'll be able to run away tomorrow, need to rest/reset.

So for now, see you around, World.

Cue that sweet sound,.

Fun Fact: Why do I post a song on most of my posts?

I tend to pick a song that I've been listening to lately. I set it to repeat on and then start writing my post. So whatever I write tends to blend with what I'm listening. Just helps me put my thoughts in order. So if ever read, it's suggested to set play. Just for ambient purposes.

Alright, enough about that.

World, here is wishing you sweet dreams,.
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