And July slowly fades away,. bringing us definitely lots of changes. Again, they all seem for the better,. That's ignoring the high amount of grinding we might need to do to reach or complete our goals,. But it's all good, been shedding off a lot of baggage. Physically and mentally, which I put on both for so many years on my own accord. Blindly staring at my own pitfall. Ill-willed characters also paved the longer roads i had to take. But I clearly understand that the results of how my life has been are my decisions alone.

So trying to live through this harder step now,. Dayum,.. the U is gonna be so hard this semester,. I sou wanted to take my class on Saturday, cause I definitely need the support, plus,. come on,. que boring asi,. And who knows how its gonna be now. Hope the schedules do change,.

Also,. its definitely time to go to the beach one of these days. I was standing today at work. Wth so many people asking me questions. So many raising their hands. 2 steps question, 2 steps question, that's no way to walk! So in the sea of confusion and despair. I could only imagine the the breeze and the waves crashing on the rocks. And sitting there, enjoying the place, the view, the company,. and BAM!,. I was back at work,. I swear I even heard,. "Code by Faithless",. Tragic stuff,. but oh well,. On of these days,. ya veran,. Ill be smiling and you people will say,. "That man just came from the beach,."
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