Just a thought,.

On Pessimism,.

This has truly been a busy day,. Since the moment I got off the elevator I had the distinct feeling that this would some how pass from being the norm/standard protocol of chilling and boredom we encounter on the floor,. A new team graduated on Friday, hence, a new Team on the floor this Monday. Honestly most of the people in that team seamed to kind of have an idea of what they have to do on the phones. Expect particularly this older fellow,. Who has made it it's task to feel bad about the whole experience the whole day through. I mean,. All day long,. the constant,. "I'm so stupid, I'm so ignorant, I don't get this, This calls I'm getting are awful."... I mean, come on, I know I'm not the one to speak when it comes to be a bit pessimistic at times, but hey,. My situations tend to be different,. I'd like to think,. -.-,. So there you have me all day long a few hours, battling his self-confidence,. "Look SirGuyDude, stop thinking you cant do things or that the calls are bad,. Cause plain and simply, whatever you think,. that's what you will get." Gave me a long stare, like if I was eating, talking with my mouth open,. Some people just never want to learn, SADLY, their zone of comfort is when they feel bad about x thing,. Guess what,. If you keep thinking about that x crap-ass thing/situation/whatever it may be,. you're gonna get it,. The power of thought. Interesting cause I was talking about this with some of my co-workers last week. More interesting was the situation that I would later encounter that weekend (which was this last weekend, -.-).

Went out with one of my closets friends Sunday evening. We had a few brews in one of our normal chillout spots. That's not the interesting thing,. The interesting thing is that I stood there. Listening to him speak about the stress that gave him all the debts he had. And the fact of how it sucked to be in that vicious circle of Payment, Debt Letter, Payment. Easy way to pin point your demise. If that's all you think, That's what you'll get. Period.

Second Case::: Now this one took me a moment of analytic solitude to come across this conclusion. My father has always been a successful man. During his life he has accomplished more than me, my sister and 2 brothers together. A man who loves literature and music of all sorts of particular genres. Someone who has stood in front of the Tiger of life and has told it,. Bow down to me you fucking pussy cat. Well, where I see that problem arise, and I'm talking about that same issue of not being able to clear your mind of what you don't want. And start thinking about what you want. Is now very notorious after years passed. My dad now is a very stressed person. He only talks about the debts and the things he has to pay and x fee and x that. In my mind, In my moment of analytic solitude, I can only grasp one conclusion. He lost his mindset of thinking he wanted prosperity. And now is stuck in a loop of getting out of a hole. Meaning the only thing he'll keep getting is a whole.

I know, it sounds very complicated and stupid at first sight. But what if. What if we really try to believe in our core and every stem of the body, that what we want is prosperity. What we want is what we deserve and that we will hold that thought dear as though it was a reality this day and the next day until it actually becomes physical manifestation. Yes I do sound like I've been reading about the law of attraction. But I'm just throwing my thoughts out there. As there is always someone out there waiting for that next mind opening comment.
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