TRON ::: L e g a c y

There was a small time when I was asked what year I was born,. I was no gonna tell you 1982,. I would instead say,.
Tron was one of those movies in my childhood that left a big mark of amazement. It's too hard to explain how much I loved that movie,. And now they go on and do this,.. :D!!! I almost peed my pants (like the time I was playing with the Nintendo controller upside-down, I was young,. My reason for the peeing?,. it was funny,. well,. now it just sounds weird,. (but that's another story)) when I saw this Teaser, So far it looks faithful to the original Tron. And lets hope it stays that way,. Now I need to start the process to get off this vagabond mode I'm on., Definitely wanna take some photos of something,. -.- damn,. Curse this broken lack of motion. Anyways,. Kudos Disney for the Tron Legacy thingie,. and if its on 3D when it gets here,. Ill so be there,. SO FREAKING HELLs YeS,.


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