Second Week of May 2009 and its Happenings,.

Ive been in the living room all day listening to whats going on around the world in the past few hours,. I sit here with my green tea. Fan on, curtains shut. In a numb state of relaxation but at the same time pain, since the leg just refuses to cooperate some days. Although I learned a way to exercise the pain away. I should be doing that instead of typing, I guess I will after I'm done here. While listening to the chaotic cries of mass hysteria being shown on TV. I went through 3 homework I need to have finished by Sunday. Since that the only missing 3rd Exam,. But meh,. I put that aside ,. Ill finish that tomorrow,.

Also,. in this day of nothingness,. I left my car @ the shop,. getting the door fixed because it was acting like a weak @ss b1tch,. So it should be fixed by Friday, just as I get paid. In other thoughts, I was just doing some reasoning towards my
modus operandi of today. I think I was not in the best mood,. eh, too lazy to define,. never mind,.

Anyways,. Yesterday I was able to recover the Ep004 which was thought to be completely destroyed, but apparently in a bold move VLC was not only the only player to play the liveset (redundancy galore),. VLC was also the only application able to convert the file to a healthy readable WAV. [Probably was just missing the WAV headers, seeing as thought the way it died was cuz it was being written when the computer shut off.] And then processed it to MP3 and wallah wallah Washington,. 004 rose from the ashes,. So Ill be putting the link after the jump. Also,.. ALL DAY LONG,. In my state of numb relaxation I've had this song stuck in my head, after watching the video yesterday night,. So I'm posting that too,. just to share on the trip. Well,. I guess I'll try doing the leg exercises right now,. hopefully that helps me out,.

The Night Flight - 004 [Phoenix from the Ashes Mix]

Alice [Trippy song stuck in my head]

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