The Night Flight - 005 (45min) & Life

So over the weekend we were at it again mixing for a while and like always a good part of the mixing was left out due to forgetting not to press record!,. Well,. on other news I have realized the level on insomnia I have,. Being these the days I can observe my family in a third person stand point. EVERYONE, went to sleep no later than 9.00pm,. Leaving me alone to my own devices. Which was pretty boring in fact. I have been trying to learn a bit of ActionScript 3.0 and getting a bit more into the Flash Site Dev. As I'm doing a bit of work on it for the Tarks website. And someday I´ll be putting up our portafolio with a bunch of clients there too,. (never hurts to dream). Anyways for the moment this is what comes out of my mind at the time. Let see, my leg is not hurting. I kinda know where San Marcos is but not that well. So honestly no joke, too bad I cant go pay my respects. For those that are following my nothingness, I would like to thank your support. For those who are just living your lives. That's cool, keep rocking it. I'm out,. Gonna get kinda doped on pills and other chems,. And probly mix 006 for my people. Night Night :) P.S. Addding the flash player to 003, just to keep things in order.

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