I didn't miss you, Plantronics,.

I think I got to do 75% of what I wanted to do on vacations. So all in all it was great to be able to disconnect, not entirely, but at least from work. [note to self: make sure next vacations don't overlap school exams] It seems as though it may have been better to take them June,. But I cannot complain as I was about to go crazy if I worked another day. So Tarks.org site is almost up. Not a big issue. But better than not trying to get out of the call center business and into something that would be much better life. Definitely these days outside the office leave you wanting a normal life, not this cube of death in which opportunities for a better life never come. Ah well,.

Got an email today,. so my 005 liveset is gonna be broadcasted this Sunday on Insidia FM. Im guessing it will be in the morning 8am - 9am [that being the Electro, House, Psycho hour. Who Knows,.] So thanks for the time spot for my noobness to be expressed,.

Also, was about to download ASOT 400 and found my nick on the
verification script,. wtf,. its a sign,. +.+ a sign of nothingness,.

Crap, I got a call,.
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