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No me voy a cortar el pelo hasta mi cumpleaños,.

Let's see how long that lasts,. U.U /// January has been really slow. But has been a very content filled month despite the fact that not much has happened the things that have come to pass have not been simple things. I owe apologies to various people for I guess for leading them on,. Seeing as though I may have done it unconsciously. So my bad, for those awkward situations. So I guess things have to be, different I guess. and apparently it seems some of my friends have still not understood the difference between last year and this year's January., Some intend to repeat the very same thing that happened last year,. But I can't think about going out 2 months each and every single night. I can't!,. There are just too many things I gotta do right now., alright?

My friend Victor [who for some reason some people think he doesn't exist, that's another story] has been busy getting his video project up. And has left what seems to be a Test/Teaser/Trailer on YouTube. So I present to you the Test/Teaser/Trailer of his current project, under his DUDE Entretenimiento Label,. haha.

So, I guess things are kinda in a very strange state. By the way,. There was a weird small earthquake last saturday morning. I was at work, in fact I was in a call. But I was rocking my chair. So I didnt feel it. All I saw was people running around like crazy all of a sudden.,. all I could think of? what a bunch of No0b$,. haha. And to end this broadcast a pic of me freezing my a$$ off in Apaneca,.

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