a birthday "slash" school reunion,.

Last week was Aleman´s BDay so we planned to BBQ-up the celebration. And as we are going to buy the stuff to celebrate we got a call from nanox a.k.a el enano and napo (who we hadnt seen like in over 2 years now,. the guy has been studying in costa rica all this time). Anyways,. it rocked,. so added some pics as I should be stuying instead of posting,. -.- Ough Logica Matematica,. I hate you sou,.,.
Making the calls,.
$419.68 on beer???

Yeh Yeh Yeahhh,.

Aleman cooking up the goods,.,.
Nanox and "Manolo"

Nanox, "Manolo" & Noobie-Faced Me

Now that I see no one comes out in the pics,. hahaha,. yeah too many people not sitting like they should be,.
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