This season on ;: mind of the day dreamer:; [NightAngel's Lullaby - Redux]

Mental blocks still slowly fades away,
and the dawn of the perspective mind
starts to relate patterns that once were abstract,
all the people that saw who you once were,
all those eyes that burnt your skin,
all the words that took your morality away,

Its time for something else...
accelerate 3000 miles ahead,.
past the lies, the looks, and hurts.

There's not a way to change...
Change is always a definitive act
that will happen against your will...

Still coding the chains that hold the schematics of my plans,
its all or nothing now.
Tension has risen higher than what I can take.
Its all the result of actions proliferated by a subconscious virus,
rooted by design,
on the darkest spot on my mind.

I've always known she was good for me, always-knowing,.,.
like a breeze her sense or presence can always determine
a lot more than what the soul can feel. ,.

Synths go off inside, a terrible mechanism goes off
that had once dispersed all my thoughts away.
Blurred by the obscurest set of chemical reactions in my head.

Shinon, is not so far away...

The night will once again reign
in the sense of the verve to widespread its influence,
yet to have its way, to express, in return, its true essence.

The sense of journey,
the feeling of comfort,
the essence of love,
the ache of loneliness,

Slowly growing, forever grasping,
continuously morphing, to always be the same.

Winding-down the storm,
yet thunder is enduring
within the darkened skies.

I sit here,
with the board of keys
between my hands.

Eyes closed,
typing away my soul's lullaby.

The end is near, but the beginning is closer,
for my breath is cold and my eyes will see.
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