please,. do me a favor,. go back to your cube, douchebag,.

Oh the beauty of being in a cube all day,. right,.,. This is one of those days that I look back @ what I have done accomplished and left half-assed.,. So that's making the day interestingly fucked,. Like we always say,. "wanting everything immediately, can't wait for shit",. But before making any crazy decisions like standing up and running out of here bitching at those who deserve it,. Just gotta remember that all this is something in the end that you end up building on your own,. So the best decision, I see,. Would be to,. get out of the whole you've dug for yourself,. So with that out of the way,.

Last 2 weeks have rocked @ the beach :D!!!! I wish I could either live there or go more often., Taken some really good pics with the POS and DSLR,. +.- Now the question is, when the hell will the second set be uploaded?,. hahaha,. just like the reminders to update the blog,. dang,. I'm not being productive,. :P

Alright,. be back in a few,. gotta finish that PC Restore I got going on,. and this weeks State of Trance should be up in an hour, so I'm waiting on Episode #370,. :D,. yah see, it all evens out in the end,. even if the ugly sometimes casts a shadow on the good,. the good no matter what makes life worth something,. so it's our duty to search for that which is good for us,. +.- Ill toast to that,. :B

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