Pills, Projects, Copenhagen and Life @ the Beach,.

No evening is normal when you wake up from a short nap caused by some pills,. and witness these strange news on CNN about how bad the economy is going under in the U.S., But that's one of those things that are truly out of our hands. What I gotta be thinking off at this time is to get the Tarks page up and running. It is one of those projects that no matter what we need to get up and running now if we truly think tht at some point we can profit of it. Seeing that economies will be soon injected by shitty situations. Despite it goes against what I'm told by some,. I think it's time to go against the current. And try to get this site up and running now. So that way we can get ready on cranking out content and splatter it all over the galleries. This mind jolt comes from the most unexpected place. But in that sense I gotta give it up to Neto. To go out and drink with that guy was actually productive. As you can truly tell who is hungry for more, rather than those who talk about how wish they would like to make it beyond their current job status and into their own business. So next item on the list prior to start wokring on polishing the galleries and layout of the site. Or complete revamp of the whole layout and possibly going with a direct CMS,.[in my opinion Joomla!, since PHPNuke is nice and all, but not eye candy enough] is for me to get my form & signature faxed to Copenhagen, Denmark so that the new webhost can be redelagated with my domain. Haha,. now thats fun stuff to talk about., Not AHT, RDR, RDE,.

In other points in life,. I'm gonna have a 4 day weekend next week. So ill try my best to focus on working solely on the layout and design, and the best course of action on easy access to upload/update content.

In other news,. Tavo has been warned by Aleman to not make plans until Friday as he's AHT has gone up due to planning the same trip over 20 times a day on the daily chat window,.

And last the bad news of the day,. So i'm getting my stuff to go to class,. When the computer at work goes off on its own,. Now since I normally leave it ready the next day. I instinctevly turned the computer back on,. When the bitch decided to give me beeps and revving the processor fan like a mad man.,. So,. looked in the back and diag lights pointed out YYGG,. Chepe told me what the diag code was since he had the training pages open,. But apparently my mind has decided to forget that data,. Is not useful now,. Well,. It doesnt me bother me except for one thing,. I hope this doesnt mean they will format all my data off the computer. I just finished downloading like 10 radio rips from,. Paul Van Dyk,. Paul Oakenfold,. Sander van Doorn,. Above & Beyond,. Super8 & Tab,. Armin Van Buuren,. and DJ Shah I think,. soooou,. I hope they are not easily lost tomorrow,. -.- Oh well,. gotta get some water,. All this finger movement got me thirsty,.
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