Feet on the ground, and happenings at Paul van Dyk´s 3rd appearance in Saint S,.,.

Trying to maintain sanity in hard times, but that is only when the wounds are played with. It is hardest to those who never expected to be affected by certain types of experiences we go through in this life of ours. I remember not 5 years ago sitting late nights with Aleman getting that sugar high of 7ups,. And him trying to get my head on check whenever my feet got off the ground due to my love affairs. Like I said, just trying to maintain sanity. Thing about it all is that despite the sense of optimism you wish you had at your disposal 24 hours a day. You can't put aside one notable element that repeats itself over and over again. And even though a good amount of time goes by, it feels like that last event was just yesterday. What I'm talking about is that point were you are at a mind state in which you feel everything is how it should be. And then, like a bat out of hell,. Something disturbs your small world, that which surrounds you, that space in which you day by day feel so comfortable in. Life is funny that way,.

It is obvious that holding this inside helps not the mind, but that, which feeds that same train of thought. But still, it never hurts to test your perspicacity on the topic which matters most, life.

Note the rest is about the concert:::

PAUL VAN DYK - Saint Savior 08.27.08

Viewer discretion is advised,. yah right,. haha

On another note. They say the last Paul van Dyk concert we went to was the 1st,. I thought it was the 2nd time he came to Saint Savior,. Leaving that aside,.,. this 3rd concert was a great experience. The first 2 acts, like my theory stated, where a waste of time, I mean that in the sense that those 2 acts were a clear example of what is fed into the ears of these people,. The first DJ,. the girl,. cause there was no need to remember her name,. sadly in my humble opinion to discredit every single fiber of "skillz" she [at some point in her life as a DJ] had,,.,. well,. she did a half-ass job,. the songs where not in cue, beat-matching was close to none, poor-ass choice of songs and a serious lack of sense when it comes to choosing what song will come after the next. But it was loud, so the people where moving to whatever beat they were able to salvage from that car wreck,. It was fun though, all the same,. I mean I went expecting to have fun. The ambient was nice. The people were happy,. Im not gonna bash punks for hitting The Misfit's Guitar player on the head with a bottle. Causing that concert to end with only 2 songs and a half,. [I was gonna go to that concert, and good thing I did not. Plus I had homework to do.] It was stupid, the guy who threw that bottle should get that same bottle shoved up where the sun don't shine. I digressed,. again,.

I'm not saying punks & ravers are different. Cause for a second there before van Dyk took up the turn tables, everybody, in their drunken rage started to shout "culero",. at the time, my head stopped moving to the beat, and in the middle of a dancing crowd, I thought silently to myself,. WTF,. are they calling Armand DJ culero because he wont get off the stage or van Dyk,. the #2 DJ in the world [cause yes, Armin van Buuren is number one, period.] because he had us waiting for 3 hours listening to these mediocre DJs,. And then I thought,. well I hope no one throws a bottle at him before the Main Event actually starts,.

Let me digress now,. apparently water bottles dictate a lot in concerts and sporting events,. apparently they are communicative devices too. There was this group of people who were creating havoc with their weird ass dancing skillz that look more like epilepsy. Well as they got dumber and dumber with each and every move they made,. Taking too much space to do their so call dancing moves and in result making us have to move back. Lo and behold a water bottle is seen glistening as it flew on top of the crowd, it was as though slow motion was suddenly applied on the scene. So,. you had this water bottle with one single target,. the pro styling epilepsy dancers. so as the prophecy foretold. the bottle hits one guy on the back in turn, the bottle performs a drastic ricochet move and spills all over dancer B,. [the other was dancer A,. I know u got it,. but still]. Well,. in conclusion., they realized that the people "communicated", "hey please take your dancing somewhere else",. so they calmly left that side of the arena. To never be seen again by our peaceful eyes,.

Paul van Dyk was the shit and more,. this time around we got first row in front of a legend,. and to be expected every song was perfectly in tune with the next and the repertoire of songs was second to none,. Making the crowd move was the easy part, it seems. I mean,. with skillz and logic like that,.,. That's the reason he's traveling the world through music and not these 2 other jokes we heard last night,. Sadly I recorded video and audio instead of photos due to the fact that I wanted to live the moment and forgot to steal everybody's soul with my image recording device. Only regret when it comes to concerts has been not going to Armin van Buuren's first appearance in our country. But hopefully he decides to touch ground someday. And that day i'll be there to rock out those beats,. And I'll take a water bottle,. cause it aint fun to come out dehydrated.,.,. And in case I have something to tell the world as well,.
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