Saturday 9PM

Talk about a slow day, at least it started to rain just as I sat down to write these thoughts,. eventhough I hate when it rains and i'm out and about through the city,. I cannot deny that the smell off the wet soil calms the senses in an instant,. I can say today I had a strange sensation due to the fact that I was home alone,. And it's the lack of communication,. and I can say up to this point tonight I have not opened my mouth and utter a word since,. well,. let see,. 10.23am [spoke to k on the phone, she sounds very very happy,. I'm happy she's doing great],. and its now,. 9.13pm,. wow,.,.,. we'll,. I lie,. because I have been singing songs all day,. from Faithless,. New Order,. Bob Marley,. UGK,. so I may have not been speaking with anyone,. I can see that as humans we always find a way to let words jump out of our mouths,. as though it would be inevetable,. hahaha,. crazy,.,.,.

Anyways,. the plan of attack for today was to go to the beach with the team [work],. yet as time went by yesterday,. as I spent my time in countless car shops,. getting my tire/direction issue resolved.,. Not to stereotype the guys,. but most mechanics can really iritate me,. specially when try to upsell you instead of sticking to the issue at hand,. anyways let me digress,. So while I was out I got calls from the only people that made this trip worth it, and basically it was a nogo issue,. so,. to keep it simple, got wasted early and woke up basically not at the time required to party up in front of the building to begin the fellowship to the beach,.

Now 9.46pm,. talking to one of my best friends,. who has left saint savior for the past 2 years,. but he's coming back next month,. wasted session is in order, noob,. :D,. haha., {loooong pause} well now its 9.59,. Ill continue what comes to mind on my next post,. :)

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