Thirty Five, State of the Self

And here we are,. long lost soul,. Wanderer of many paths,. It has been long since my last post, I always looked back at my log but consciously decided to keep my thoughts to myself. I guess it has been that cloudy-hardheadedness I've been drowning in for so long that led me to that choice,.

It has been a year of ups and downs and a lot of lessons that had to be learned. In the matters of love I was put to the test yet again. I was hardheaded, like I stated a few moments ago,. So I tried to make something that did not work survive for too long,. But I must say, it was satisfying to let go,. Still learning to let go,. But that's that,. just a remind to me,. Value yourself,. Know your worth,.

There was someone else anyways,. Someone who is now in my life,. But this is a story for another day,.

In other situations,. this year basically has turned into a plan to get things back in order,. By the end of the year we should be back on track to so many plans I had put aside,. I'd like the fact that things even though got out of hand, they did not get to a point of no return,. Meaning there are a lot of things steadily getting back in progress,.

My focus at the moment is removing a few debts off my back. Build a good mobile working gear (Laptop, Mobile, Accessories) to start putting stamps on my Passport, basically visit a few Central and South American locations, then move over to Spain, Romania, London and others,.

So far this is the gear list I'm going for:

- Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 (Best Notebook for the Price)
- Samsung S7 (Samsung is just reliable, as long as I don't drop it like the S4 and S5)
- Decent Mouse I cant take my Desktop gear around

Though, they look beautiful,.
- A decent Bag to carry this in.

With this I should be able to continue my plans to do my traveling,.

That is it for now,. something just came up so will expand on this later,.
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