Closing Doors on Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins,.

Things change no matter what,. No one can control it, but why would you want to,.? Guess I have stumbled into this "let the pieces fall as they may" mentality. And with that,. and so many changes around me, I close this season,. 6 months living under this roof,. I got healthier,.? Yes and no,. Lost a lot of weight,. yes,. I am thinner that I have been in years,. Therefore,. my sugar levels have rocked the boat. But,. there is always a but,. I spoke to a female dragon,. and my ass got burnt,. I should've played it cool,. but my got in the way,. so,. I smoked,. I smoked and I smoked,. Even right now I swallow and taste that bad disgusting tobacco aftermath in my mouth,. Yes,. I have to stop,. Have to stop smoking and allowing emotions take my to that state,. silly little motherfucking me,.

I swear,. I really admire some of my friends,. I wish I had that built in me,. to be heartless when needed to be,. But oh well,.

So anyways,. this little experiment comes to a stop. Because of family issues I have to return to square one,. But I am already scheming my next move,. We will see how it goes,. ¬_¬

For now,. I'll focus on my workspace, fix things I broke (I literally fucked up my phone a few days back and my work laptop is still dead),. saving and investing on binary options,. Hopefully this will give me freedom I need later on,.

It's been was an interesting May,. reading back some of the shit I wrote I can tell I was in a fucked up state,. mostly alcoholic,. reminiscing on past flames,. killing me on the currents,. an interested in potential ones,.

Right now,. I just need time to speak, eat,. drink & enjoy with any good company,.

Let the other shit fall where it may,. (Truly Exhale, Smile with Eyes Closed),.

"Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?"
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