Inmovable Object,.

Swallowed by darkness,. all lights are off,. Just the dim brightness of my screen,. Tomorrow is another day,. Yet here I sit obsessed by things I should let go,. And not letting them go keeps me uneasy,. awake,. Things I know that bring nothing good to me,. But here I sit,. awake,. Like a fool,.

And like the fool that I am,. I act accordingly,. According to a dumb set of functions that are burnt into my core,. I wish I was cold enough to not care,. I wish I could let things truly slide,. I wish that I could face the day not needing anything,. Probably that's it,. I wish I need nothing,. from anyone,.

I wish that I were enough,.

And I guess that is what I'm looking for,. In others,. And that should not be the case,.

It happened again,. so far 4 women have spoken that word and now a friend of mine had to open his mouth and describe me a,. "Noble",. And I broke,. right then and there I broke,.

Why? Because I'm tired of being told I'm good,. I'm tired of being taken advantaged of,. Don't see god in me,. If you are going to tare it apart,.
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