Not the usual Roster,.

What a week and weekend that was,. It ends with being told,. "Start packing Today", what could possibly be next? All I know is I'm exhausted, last week was heavy, Doc (LoL). Work was busy,. but about about that will be out soon (Not to Self - Analogy) Friday I went out be myself, took a ride to space out, but unlike any other time I do this, I decided to change my course. Where I found two friends I know that do not like each other so much. Nevertheless, the night went fine as I juggled each interaction with a swift skill of sleight of hand misdirection. Well, one them was bound to be somewhat upset by the end of the night. But like I've said before, I know those intentions (from both),. So no pain on my end,. Ended up going where I should not go and we fell asleep watching a scary movie,. didn't even see a minute of the movie, as we passed out after pressing play, which was funny.

Woke up at 11am the next day, fresh and re-freshed. And made our way out as I still had to work and she had her own things to do (it was my designated work weekend). Except we passed by the super-market, and this is where it hit me, it is interesting to go to places you normally go, but with people you don't go normally with. It just fucks up so much with your habitual way of doing things, entertaining but temporarily. 

So we made our way to her end of the road, then made my way home to grind work for the rest of the day. Which I do not know how I to describe such a horrible experience. I love to work, but work early and the be free the rest of the day. I do not. Let me repeat. I DO NOT,... Like to waste the earlier part of the day and work the afternoon forward. It is not my cup of Tea. But like an old wise woman that I used to know once said, "Despues del gustazo, esta el trancazo" (Only way I see this being translated is "Time to pay the Piper". As I paid for that all night tune the piper played),.

I'm too tired to go on,. So my weekend rant ends here. It is midnight and my eyes are dry, my mind needs to shut down. I'll get to Sunday, my analogy on tickets at wor and Star Wars tomorrow.

Night World,.