Between Fears & Anxiousness

 The weekend passed me by like a breeze. Talking about breezes, I've loved the weather these last few days. It should be like this year round. Honestly, we should be farther away from the Sun more often,. 

So we are in "the" month,. That sweet month where everything is just a bit better, bitter & sweet. Some people really feel the season, others just wear a mask to make it through the day. Lots of changes ahead, this Season Finale is almost at hand,. My stuff is getting packed, the payments are planned. So we are almost there. Hopefully this will be all for the best. I'll post pic of the house once we get moving,. (this is me pretending,. this is all I need),. lol,.

A new chapter in this life is long over-due (not to say I need to forget,. ever,.),. I pretty much know that this month I'm gonna go head first into a lot of wrong decisions, just like November, which I topped my charts in over work and over partying (over partying: the act going out and getting shit wasted in a very small window of time, sleep a bit, get correct and back to the working grind, definitely, not recommended),. although last month was not planned, December I come into this month intentionally planning to celebrate, an attempt to disconnect and forget it all, at least for one moment,. But January, we start the Year of "Change" (if you remember this year was labeled The Year of "Exito",. but the words of Wisdom have christen 2016, already.

So change it is,. Ever seen Fight Club? When The Narrator moves with Tyler Durden and Fight Club is born then evolves to Project Mayhem? I'm basically getting that vibe now,. Except we are not going to perform anarchy,. maybe,. probably civil disobedience,. lol,. No,. we are going to be the good good guy,. trying to better ourselves,. period,. Note to self,. Need to bring my tickets down,. It's messing with other tasks,.

Alright world,. this me saying Good Night,.