Kiss Goodbye,.

We have overcome the Craziness of November, unscathed? Not by a long shot. But we did work our asses off and played a little bit too hard to celebrate the end of that whole mess,. A couple of good bad decisions I was not prepared for, and twice, so shame on me,. After all that hectic mind crunch, my idle hands go the best of me,.

Close to the last month of "El año del Éxito",. Lots of changes to come this month,. It's the next level of this plan to move forth and to prove myself how far I can go,. Also, I'll be streaming when I played The Last of Us, as I was suggested to do, well, this way I can share how freaking awesome I am ;) (every once in a while),. So I might be on there, Weekday evenings and Weekend afternoon,. As long as I'm not coding, mixing or writing some mess,.

But this is not the time or the place to post. Plus, I have some many things in draft, that I have to punish myself. On top of that I'm tired.

So this sound contrasts the chaotic mess that my life is & other thoughts of the past I'll keep close to my chest,. *enough*,.,.,.

And with the last blow of smoke, I bid my leave & fade away. Night world,.