Coding & music,.

Back to basics,. Killing time on freshening up on code. Rainy day, drinking a can of pseudo-sugar soda (which I should not but, the hell with it).

It has been a lazy month, I left a few tasks up in the air. But I can't hide from them for so long. Idle hands,. they know how to curse me with unnecessary thoughts.

The thing about coding is a love & hate relationship. Yes, creating something from scratch is a hell of a drug. But I am impatient fellow, so patience is a virtue lost, long long ago (trying to regain it though).

This helps though (songs below), although my music of choice, to do any of my own work is around the realms of electronic and most generally Progressive Trance or brown noise. I must say that the Above & Beyond Live from Porchester Hall acoustic session holds a very special place in my heart.

It was there for me in very dark period of my life. Helped through the storm. So now it helps to stop that anxiety. And stopping the anxiety means I can debug, my life and my code.

Back to work, just blowing off vapors,. I'm in a detonative mood lately, although I could not do a venti of cafe,. even though my taste buds clamor for the taste. I know it would be a turn for the worst.


Above & Beyond Acoustic - "You Got To Go" 
Live from Porchester Hall (Official)

Above & Beyond Acoustic - "Satellite / Stealing Time"
Live from Porchester Hall (Official)

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