Waiting on the stop light,. and a new year passes by,.

affection,. over & above my reason
to contemplate the discrete moments we share

luv u sweets,.

thanks for everything you've done,. you drive me to do more,. you've stood beside me through the good the bad and the ugly,. I can't describe how special you are to me,. I know I got my faults,. (you know that all too well),. But I do thank you for seeing past all that and being there for me,. Love you for who you are, and I find myself spending my time thinking about you, all the time,. To me, because of the rocking girl that you are, loving you comes naturally. We have good memories and so much more to come,.



I do not claim to understand much of what life gives you. I can attest though that more often than not, bitter~sweet is the taste of what we go through in our daily grind.

Wait,. This may be an all-too-late good-bye to the old,. and let's see what the new calendar brings,. Type-post,.

But here I am,. half past January bleeding out words of regret of not saying anything at all,. (My sweets is on the other side of the phone line,. sleeping,. hopefully resting that complex mind of hers,.) I myself in need to type,. even if it's not much of anything or a lot of nothing. The main point of me bringing up this je ne sais quoi,. a fragment of whateverness if you will,. (god,.(that's another topic),. have I not overcome my mind's block throughout all these years?)


<.<. breath .>.>

<.<. follow the breath .>.>


What I wanted to say is,. Last year is gone, it had laughter and tears,. things were concluded and gaps were left,. I say let this year come as it may,. with it's tasks & distractions, celebrations & wounds,. What matters is live the days towards a better way,. love more,. feel more,. understand more,. 2011 is the year of the rabbit,. I say, Grab this rabbit year by the ears and make it your bitch,. Let the obstacles come and let's handle them,.

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