Night Angel's Lullaby /// December Go,.

I've never been much on new year's resolutions,.
I've never been much in keeping promises I make to myself,.
I find ways to run emotions to the floor until nothing goes through,.
But before I realize there's a lot I'm not gonna get to do,.
And the flow inside me as twisted and unfamiliar as it has become,.

Between you and I, let me leave this behind,.
The anger that's inside,. towards me and others for the lies,.
Kiss my girl GoodNight,. Turn around,. Close my eyes,.
To all those from whom you'll never be mentioned,.
I want you to know, every waking moment we loose time,.

I make my way in open arms aware I'm broken,.
Knowingly disregarding any attempt to halt this sensation,.
I don't feel right, Without boldness I'm not strong enough,.
But it is me who keeps me behind,.

The worst is not yet over for now,.
And I can't yet breath in harmony,.
I keep a vision of a destination,.
limited by my own confusion-made conviction,.

But it is here as I look into the mirror,.
were I disclose your demise,.
Even though you'll linger here as the days pass,.
Rest assure I've ruptured that which links us,.

But I know the truth now,.
I know who you are,.
You're not real, just a bad dream,.
This is my life,. finally on a road again,.

for I'm locked inside my head,.
in the cold,. retrospect,.

. . .


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