So Neto apparently listed a site for the "@ de Oro",. Gotta start voting for that as soon as it's humanly possible. Which just put me in the realization of how things have a way of taking place,. how some items on one's list stay pending far too long. I thought that the time for some goals would've happened by now. And it's in some way sad to figure not having completed much. But again, moments like these just come back to re-manifest forgotten roads to take,.

I'll try to walk those roads one step at at time,.

Today was a good day,. great teaser day,.
helped my Sweery & Rodri with homework,. got Office 2010 installed on Aleman's lapster,. And in the end watched "The Expendables" with Neto and Aleman,. Crazy action-packed movie,.

Need more thinking and meditating to do,.
Talks to you later,.
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