Restrospect 2008 and Imagine,.

I lay in bed comfortably surrounded by numerous pillows (I've been endowed with back pain due to my overweight, ((spare the digression on which my thoughts flow)) I find myself going through my vast music collection.

As I had a few months away from my Numarks and really found the urge this morning to sit back comfortably and listen to some tunes and reminisce. As there are far too many genres to go over in such a rainy Sunday morning, I stuck to, Ambient, Chillout, Trip-Hop, culminating in a thought about Trance & Progressive. And basically I cannot say much about tracks produced from 2009-2010, there are a few which you could catalog as Club Anthems there are really great tracks such as Man on the Run with Dash Berlin, Cerf Mitiska & Jaren. But so far my heart holds true to 2008's epic list of great tracks. As 2008 by far had an arsenal of hymns as no other year I can think off.

On April 17th, 2008 (my brother's 24th birthday) Armin van Buuren released Imagine, his third studio album. Which alone would bring great classic hymns. To name a few in sakes of me enjoying releasing my thoughts. I'm talking about such masterpieces as the collaboration with DJ Shah & Chris Jones in Going Wrong becoming the first single of the album, Audrey Gallagher in Hold on to Me , Sharon in the massive second single In And Out of Love, JAREN! in Unforgivable as the third (my favorite) single,. Cathy Burton in the absorbing Rain, a great track which climaxed exquisitely @ minute 4:20,. And cannot forget Never Say Never with Jacqueline Govaert, which I list last ironically cause it was the last song that I came to enjoy (dunno, I would always skip it, until that one day,. haha) and also it was the fifth and last single of that album,. wait,. no,. the last I really list is the fourth single which was Fine Without You in collaboration with Jennifer Rene,. but I always skip that song (I'm not compatible with the first 15 seconds, Even though it becomes a great song after @ 1:15),.

Now,. Thats just Armin Van Buuren,. I haven't even spoken about the grand Above & Beyond followed by themselves as Oceanlab,. Markus Schulz & Dauby with Perfect! Dash Berlin with Till The Sky Falls Down! Super8 & Tab with Helsinki Scorching! another great song that blows my mind.

What about the cream of the crop and just monumental song I heard every single day for months on end @ 5am as I got my things ready for work. A song that I could say accompanied me in my time of focus,. (which is a kinda bitter & melancholic thought, as lately my morning rutine,. my daybreak ritual is null,. aka a wreck,. Beauty Hides In The Deep (The Blizzard Remix) from The Doppler Effect. Such a hypnotizing track, the play on the vocals is just astonishing to say the least, in my mind it only comes close to ear candy,. an audible sugar high,.

Ok, that was just to name a few (as Maxi Jazz would say) :)
"with such vigor and zest"
And for the moment listening to another great track, as I finish this, what almost just became a very late Review of Armin van Buuren's - Imagine.

- Angel on my Shoulder
(wow, also from 2008,. who knew? :p)
Who's name is Ryan Raddon
and should be 37-38 years old, making great tracks,.
Which just comes to show you (me), there still time,. hah,.!

The point is! (if there was any after all this mayhem) is that even though that was a great, wait, a GREAT year to Trance (as a verb and Genre),. And I hope to keep those songs playing even when my hair is gray or most likely gone. You gotta also give a chance to what comes ahead. Lets see how Armin van Buuren's - Mirage (his 2010 and fourth studio album) completes our lives for whats left of 2010,.

The real point is music makes our lives just a tad more enjoyable/comfortable in such a wide and dynamic range, a vast & universal spectrum of emotions get embraced with tempo as the guide. Sometimes,. even though silence & nature's sounds are great,. sometimes,. it's not enough,.
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