And the verdict says,. BlackBerry Posting,. Is a NOGO!

What a freaking drag,. I was at work a few days ago and while I waited for dispatches to get back in the queue,. I decided I was gonna post my last few worth-while events of 2010,. So I began,. describing every bit of it. Pressed submit,.. waited,. looked around,. wondered if I should get Mani Japones or Elotitos con Piquete form the vending machine,. looked at the Berry and BAM,. back in the posting page and my whole post,. gone,. blank,. "check the Drafts!",. I thought patiently,. and nothing,. So in my anger,. I got some Mani Japones and made my way to the 7th floor,. Moral of the story,. Always have a back up plan,. like copying every bit you wrote,. And also,. Blogging from a BlackBerry is a huge no go,. Don't matter which browser you try,.

Ill post my action packed 2010 events when this anger fades away,. :/
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