I made popcorn, didnt eat it,.

Second exams for this semester have come and gone. What a weekend,. 5 exams in 2 days. Friday night was a huge hustle trying to get the last bit of information cramped, I did what I could but the baggage of the week held me down, the same with my sweery, her eyes closed shop quick. Got to class the next day and like always the fuzzy logic kicks in,. and by that I mean, as soon as I have one single doubt on the process I'm following on paper. Suddenly everything I study comes crumbling down, and start doing dumb-ass decisions. I need Fosfo B12 probly,. haha u.u

Sunday came with 3 exams. Math, TIC4 and Progra1,. And I gotta say that Progra woman, teacher, instructure-creature who dwells the deep chasms of hell. Needs a attitude upgrade soon. All I did was ask if I could do the exam in the next available hour. Seeing as though she had just stated that she would be there the next hour. And the nerve of this bitch to respond so rudely (me not being the better person in keeping this to myself), she had to go on and look down on me. u.u just bad service in her part,. -.-

Anyways came back home made some popcorn. Watched Shooter at last, (that movie rocks sweety,. your right) then completely fell asleep and watch in short doped portions Back to the Future 2 and 3,. (watched the first one last week so I had to conclude the Back to the Future cycle, you just can't interrupt it and except to leave it that way.

Well, sou so far, have woken up, and kinda updated the sets on Flickr, gonna go back to sleep though, just needed to release those thougts,.

Current status,.
Leg and Back are stressing me out
(Gonna try sleepin face up,.)

Started composing a song,.
experimental,. but kinda nice,.
hopefully Ill get to at least
master it and have a track out,.

Like how things are right now,. but
something is not right,. this way
of doing things (habits) are not setup
properly,. making huge issues with my
schedule, mood,. comfort,.
leg hurts as I type this need to walk around,.

Then fall asleep,. again,.
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