He layed there silent,. until,.

Good evening from the motherland a.k.a Saint Saviour,. so much to say and the words suddenly bottleneck right at the board of keys. 2010 a.k.a the year of the tiger, full of weather issues like the week we froze our arse back in January, earthquakes up the ying-yang,. haha. The economy is going down the crapper, Wake Up Sleeping Souls! Open Your Eyes!! haha. Ok, I gotta pause.

-Center my Chi-

I gotta say, where is the time to be creative? I find myself in need of time to do those things as a child I wanted to do. And now that I have the tools to do it. Work and School make it so damn hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

///// Left
So went downstairs to the studio, (I tend to have issues of putting the notebook on my lap (its not a laptop, its a notebook)). So I went to pick up a book I could put underneath,. the notebook. As I stood there, I looked right up to the top row of the shelf, and behold,. The photo albums. Before I continue, I think I gotta tell you, (fictitious person to whom I speak to when I write),. Ive had a cold for 3 days now, had worse, definitely. But annoying, like all, it's been. So I'm standing there sweating like crazy going through each and every photo album on the on that shelf. Looking at family. How everyone was. So much happiness under the accepted truth of life, how it was because plain and simply that's how it had to be. My parents, looking so young, full of enjoyment, damn,. and the kids? we looked like such noobs,.

This brought up a thought I had not too long ago, when I was doing a Physics homework with my Sweets a couple of weeks ago. As I sat there, next to her. She tried her mind at solving some problem which had her full concentration, while I was more concentrated in holding her. I suddenly got this strange sensation, my grandfather came to my mind. The memory of him, sparked questions of who he was as a person. I need questions answered about him. Keep putting off the family tree with my mom, but I really should try getting that done. Feels as though the roots somehow, even when I feel them faded away. Call back to me as a hidden perspective of who I am. Even though I could pretty much say that I am nothing like the rest of my family. One still knows the same blood runs in our veins. Dunno, but the image of him that night was very strong.

Pills kicking in again,. I did have more to write about,. but,. I guess Sunday will do,..

Watching Enemy at the Gates,.
Sniper, that's what I'd like to be in war,.
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