Saturday 12.12.09 - Hours before finals,.

In a wicked hiatus,. not that I needed to stay away from writing my thoughts,. It's just that sometimes my mind goes fuzzy sometimes, sometimes,. some-sometimes,. So,,. I´m sitting here just hours away from finals,. Hoping that everything goes well. Last thing I want is my mind shutting down as I get the exam from my teacher,. But once this is over (Sunday 12.13.09 @ 12:00am) you can call me GONE. I'll be from vacations from the 14th to the 28th. So I got my todo list ready,. Tackle some, much needed errands I need to run. And the rest will be chill/play/tarks time,. Hopefully,.

Sou Wx! What has happened since your
last post which was on November!?

Well Self,. Let me tell you the skinny,
or "L.D." (that's Low Down for those, not on the know)
of life in the past month :::

-Work was still the day
to day hustle from 9am - 7pm

-Ordered some socks from China,
they came yesterday. <.<

-Been playing more with Ableton Live 8,.
Gotta post a track one day,.

-I learned how to clean an EGR Valve on a
98 Chevrolet Blazer, but I gotta give it
a deeper clean still,.

-My Hair is falling due to stress.
Karaynah thinks it's all in my head,
That's the point, My head is were it's
not, anymore,.

-The Nikon D40 I was gonna buy, was no more!
Didn´t get the camera :(
But another, better option, is
in the horizon, instead :)


Well,. that's it for the moment,. I should be getting ready to leave to the U,. So,. Hopefully posting soon,. again,.
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