Monday Off // At home chillin,.

Now,. this has been a very busy busy month,. And more is yet to come,. Just got off from 3rd exams,. and so far they went well. Final exams are on the 5th of December,. so yet another semester will come to a close (wishing) soon,. Also after a huge huge delibiration on which camer to get (which for a huge huge time the closer winner was the Nikon D40 (for its huge following), I've decided to go with the Canon XSi. Yes its gonna be a bit more money. But,. too many valid points against the D40, eventhough it could've been nice. Thing is. The lack of lenses. And the fact that the camera doesnt have the motoro for autofocus built in (which instead is built into the lense). Was a huge let down. So, XSi has far more options when it comes to lenses, and well,. gots twice the pixel size (I know, I shouldn't be counting pixels), but still even without that fact, there are a dozen more reasons, which I'm not gonna get into to bore myself with at this moment (when I should be taking a bath, instead),. Sou XSi soon, its gonna leave me poor for 2 weeks, but the results is gonna be a camera I've been wanting for far too long. :)
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