Churritos ::: One Cheesy Puff without the crunch.,..

So I woke up with a massive hang over, thanks to the powers that exist in this astral plane. Also because Manolo specifically demanded to get wasted. Not me. So I've only slept 4 hours and Im here @ work, drowning in a sea of dry eyes and much much regret.

Well, anyways, getting to what I really wanted to say,. I really had like a long long time of not eating Churritos. Seeing as though I was way past due I went to the Crapetiria and bought one little bag of those much rocking Salvadorean cheese puffs, I also bought an Orange Juice box. So I went upstairs, happy mode on that I was gonna get my long awaited dose of Churritos, got to my cube open the bag. Take one out, pop it in my mouth,. (pop~!). Lo mordi,. and man was I dissapointed. The most uncrunchy sensation when the crunchiest sensation was being expected,. only way to explain it. Well, once it happened and the disappointed faded out of focus. I then thought, hmmmm,. took me so long to eat another Churritos so my experience had to be like the churros with a bag open all day.

Well kinda hard to explain my conclusion, but I doubt I can do any better than the,. :p
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