On monotonous activities,. while the mind dreams,.

First, what I really need to say,.

Its never been easy to continue the same pattern due to some certain never ending values. How could we change what surrounds us, if we definitely find ourselves unable to change. It mainly deals with the unwillingness to open our eyes and truly become the person with the overview. Sometimes, if we only knew the complexity of the environment that's around us. Maybe we wouldn't drown ourselves with the judgment from ourselves or others.

Which is why perspicacity towards yourself, your life, friends, family, work and future endeavors is so damn important. Clarity of these points in life can help you carry less baggage around. There are special cases when this would not apply, not all situations are the same. Some problems REALLY leave us without choice but to sorrow our asses off, in despair of a never ending pain. Honestly, I can agree most of the time it may feel like that. But we should learn that feeding our soul constant pain,.. well, it's like cigarettes not only do you become dependent on that sh!t,. but you damage your health in staggering proportions.

On pride,. Is how it goes, "an intelligent man's pride of his intelligence is like a prisoner's pride of his large cell",. we need to get it of our head for second and be real, sometimes we stop ourselves in our tracks, just because our pride has an agenda. If we would only get that falseness off our asses for a second, we could probably enjoy our days a bit more.

Its a matter of who we need to understand first of all, ourselves.
We are constantly changing inside, always redesigning our school of thought. Even if its a nanometer in size, but we are always on developing state. It's generally a good thing. On to which we should never loose the virtue of reverence, and this I mean towards ourselves. If we would only stop knocking ourselves down, maybe we would have a shot at finding Elysium on earth. It would be unjust to state anything further than my honest point of view. So that's it,. that was on my mind,.

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