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Friday afternoon I started writing this small story, which I guess will be some of the first posts of the other blog, although I haven't really worked out the way in which I will carry out the story-telling process. Seeing as though. Will some be chapters are others just small stories, and how will
And now the other things,.
Everything play out on the blog streamlined format. Maybe I just shouldn't give a f*ck,. That always works. Well it was really nice to begin writing a fictional story. I had forgotten the wonders of just letting your mind go with the flow as you textually create an ambiance, The Bee's Knees. Friday night I honestly had no plans, hell, I'm poorer than the flame throwing dude on the corner. I was ready for a night of movies alone in the living room. When the phone rang 3 times, requesting my presence for an evening of a socially-hydrated forum. Which was good. It's always nice to see your school friends and remember the days past. haha.
Saturday morning was not good though. It was an all morning grind. Scrubbing the team RR has its ups and downs. I get to listen to music all day. But it takes kinda long to ramp up, cuz I really did start slow Saturday,. So left work around 4 or 5, then went home. Enclosed myself in my room. And napped till like 7pm,.
Woken by Lui's call telling me if I was gonna go to Byll's house. Which I said yes cause well, again I had no plans seeing as though I cannot make any plans due to the wallet con su "cara de parto",. So we drank the night away, saw things I shouldn't have seen. Raul, you are indeed a show,. WTF comes to mind,. Byll wasn't even there, left with one of our fellow RSs to go eat tacos :s. WTF, again. Anyways.
The night passed, Returned home ASAP cause well, no gas to be exploring our nation's capital. And then came Sunday morning,. Which I cannot complain. Cold rain and the bed,. need I say more,. Got out of bed and decided to check on the happenings around the house. To find myself alone and a note stating,. "Gone for the day,..." So the day was basically what I originally planned for Friday,. I watched movies,. Nothing new,. just revisiting old movies on TNT HBO, etc.. :: Minority Report, Bournes Identity and Supremacy, Hitched, Fast and Furious 4 and It's all gone Pete Tong,. like 2 hours of The Simpsons too. :p
I have now realized that I really do need to reorder my room,. There seems to be such an inefficiency between the bed and desk,. can't work like that. So gotta look into getting that solved. Caus honestly getting tired of that issue,. -.-
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