Top 10 Jobs I would like to have,.

this is not in any specific order,. Or I guess its in the order that it came out of my head::
And here we go,.

Nothing like a job at night looking at the stars. The thing about being an astronomer, that I would love is the fact that the experience you live is very awkward in its own right compared to the normal living scenarios. Apart of getting to view the skies, it is also the fact of being away from it all. Secluded in your own space. your mindset has to be so far away from the norm. I mean your thinking universally all the time.


So you fly from Ibiza to Tokyo, from Tokyo to Brazil, from Brazil to New Zealand. And that's just one aspect of this ass kicking profession. Your whole world indulges in, revolves in, and evolves the music scene. I mean you live and breath music. And that's something I love a lot. Now just there we have two good reasons. But mainly this has to be one of those jobs which truly become interactive. I mean dropping a baseline at the right moment and having the crowd go crazy to what you let loose with your fingers. I t has to be a drug-like experience.

Movie Director
Letting people see through your eyes. Story-telling in a higher state. Sure it must be very demanding being a director. I mean, you have to hassle with everyone that is helping a movie get done. But in the end, too be able to give the audience an experience which originally dwelled in your mind. It has to be the Bee's Knees. All the result of hard work of course.

The Long Lost I.T. Guy
This has been a long dream of mine. Well, it has to do mainly because of the setting I would finally enclose the gap between chilling and doing what you love a.k.a. a real normal job. Sitting around, access to the internet and mainframes,. Systems to play around with. Setup servers, . Load up linux,. and let the fun begin. All in the back room of some University or Business. I know I'm not digging into the actual work. But still it's I.T. you know you gotta do those things. But all in all you get to play around with technology all day. I couldn't ask for more.

Pilot - Airline or Fighter
I just wanna land them or shoot them down, haha. Nah,.,. I know there's more to it than that. The fact to be soaring the skies and getting to travel is a big plus of this job. Well traveling must be kinda not that entertaining as a fighter pilot. The planes rock, but they don't really look that comfortable. But still I include it cause eventually I would get to shoot at something while on a plane. Something I have yet to see in any airline.

Race Car Driver
Be it Rally [WRC], DAKAR, Formula 1, Ehmm,.,. err, NASCAR neh,. this occupation definitely rocks booty,. The engines, the tracks, the smell of burning rubber, the adrenalin pumping through your veins, your heart beating in a lustfully rushing pace. Normal cars must feel really weird after a race. Yep, going fast on the track has to be as addictive as eating sunflower seeds [pepitorias?]. I mean, once you start I bet you don't wanna stop. Any type of racing, be it off-road, circuit or drag. No matter which it is is. Speed has got to put a smile on your face,. :)

Travel Reviewer

Condé Nast: Traveler or National Geographic, either, or. The fact that you would get to travel the globe and get paid for it. Wow, that just goes hand in hand. On top of that, access to great photography equipment and journal the whole experience out. It does not get any better than that.

Video Game Tester

There's never enough time to sit down a play the newest games out there,. I mean you have so many things in your life, you tend to give it less priority than you really want to but you have to , there's no other choice,. Then your friends come around and start kicking your ass because you haven't had the proper training. In turn, you look like a noob,. Be it Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft,. To be part of any of those factions and to get to play the latest game in development and on top of that to be able to give feedback on the creation process. That's a definite rocking job occupation.


To get to express your vision in what an object is and how it should exist in the material world. To be able to dictate the sensation or better put, to tailor the experience you want people to have when they interact with the device is in your hand to create. Most of the occupations expressed here, some more than others have a key signature in the time line we follow through life. This one I have to say ranks high in the that department,. And I mean it in the sense that design has a an obvious key role in the fashion of any specific period. And even though it may seem that the parameter of time would limit you from being a continuance ever-growing free-form style. It is that which makes it unique in the sense that is it not the fact that style moves forward living things created in the past behind and forgotten. It leaves design and style as a specified keynote in the time line we live, to be forever admired be it good or not. But you live a mark. And an occupation which lets your name echo even after you've left this realm of reality. It has to be worth it's practice, and creative wise, it has to be beyond enjoyment.

So those are the top 10 jobs I would love to have,. At least for the moment,. Take my incoherent/unnecesary rant as you will. :)
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