///Night.Flight 11.2.08 ::: A recap of the transitional days between october and november,. from the mind which got lost in its own space and time :::

That's me taking pics between the wee hours of 3.30 maybe 4.30 am,. others may have been taken at a later time,. Why at that time,. well,. let's recap I fell asleep like at 9pm after coming from Tavo's,. fell asleep watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,. which by the way I find the ending quite rocking,. Then I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall,. funny movie,. got very good points on some issues we go through,.,.

So after the movies I had not much to do and pseudo-energy to waste. Hence the stepping off the house with the camera,. It was doing a lot of wind but fuck it. It was barely semi-nat.geo,.,. Although I may do that same tour again one of these days again. Because now that I get home and start going through most pics, I tend to find little details that suck,. and other ISO ideas I couldve used,.

I think I'll just post them in facebook,. it's just easier that way,. I haven't renewed my flickr account. Which I will try to start doing more often someday,. hahaha,. Oh well,. for now the perks of free gallery usage will have to tend to my needs,. Ill tell aleman next time,. I really like to take the S9000 for a spin again,. it has been a long time since we've taken he night flight with the cameras,.

There was one issue this night,. I was supposed to go out with my friends,. they were gonna call me to go out. But oh well,. I mean,. I fell asleep,. I fell asleep,.,.,.,. Not much can be done about that,. All in all,. I'll go out with them today,. Yesterday we talked we realized a few good important bytes of info. We realized that we haven't let 99% of the weekends fly by [meaning a thorough Friday to Sunday] without either drinking or just plainly gone out. The latter being the 1%,.

Well,. rolling into other topics the we got to show off the working demo for the CRM system that we've been building,. The clients genuinely looked as though they love the application,. The girl they work with said before she left.,. "Ok,. I'm leaving to work with these guys",.,.. We all laughed,. But it's true,. so far our work process and work flow has rocked,.
Except we need a better office,. :P

Alright so after this jump there's gonna be 2 pics that show the working environment,. They'll cut the flow of yesterday pics,. But who cares really,.

Faces like that you just cant find in a call center,.
I'm sorry you cant,. on the for real-for real,,.

That said,. This is me working on centering the
Primary DIV_Layer "Container",.
Which made me putear los 4 vientos,. But in the end I was able to center all layers,.
That took like 3hours as I had to edit other parts in photoshop., The whole time
that's what Manolo did,. he didn't move,.

4 Noobs,. 1 acting like he's coded anything,. not saying names,. but is wearing a white shirt,. Me deucing like in 99% of pics I show up with my friends in. Aleman hates this pic,,.,. haha,. PANSEBOLOW,.,. I was gonna photoshop it for yah,. but live with it noob,. live with it,. :D!!

Those pics where taken the last day of Oktober,. And we started November in such a rocking pace,. We just hope the rockingness continues,. As I may have said previously,. This project brought a second one hand in hand,.,. Can't talk about it much,. But it merges both services and for those that know a little known tool like IDD,. Then it kinda those almost the same function,. We're talking about PBX,. Integrating VOIP with the tool itself,. Very cool stuff,. But we are under staffed,. And with a limited window of time to work on these things,. We'll go in head first,. Lets just hope we don't break ourselves before we've just begun,.

I'll give a Doogie Hower type conclusion to this one,. let me try,. here we go:::

-even though so much time has passed and so many projects look as though they have failed, whenever or however your attempts have been made,. do not let that hold you down,.,., You gotta remember that time continues on,. as many times as you fall, get back up again,. cause in the game of life you might get only 1 life,. but time and opportunities is were your advantage lies.,-
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