Fractals and Whisky,. Sah'weet,.

I've been with a damn cold all week,. So pretty much walking around really doped due to the pill combination they got me on,. Anyways,. yesterday I went to sleep watching an Arthur C Clark documentary on youtube,. "Fractals ::: The colors of Infinity",. It explains all about that infinite formula and how it applies to nature and the way things are naturally formed,. pretty cool stuff,. while I was half asleep,. I heard something like.,; ",.group of ordered islands,. in a sea of chaos.,",.,, sounded pretty cool,. I actually went,. "whoa" half-asleep,.,. gonna repost it once I hear it awake,. hahaha,,.,. Anyways,. the old dweeb below is Arthur C Clarke,. the has something to tell you,. please listen to his 80's documentary,. turn your cell phone off,. enjoy after this jump,.

For the moment i'm just looking for recipes over @ JackD's & JohnnieW's,. For educational purposes only of course,. :) Tavo already has the ingredient list started,. So that helps,. I wonder if it would help my cold? Mmmm,. I think I'll wait,. too many pills got me screwed & chopped as it is,.
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