mmmm, little post,.,. now i'm thirsty,.

bored as hell at work,. but that made me add a subdomain to the,. well,. domain,. so now,. wx909.tarks.org, redirects u to this page,. Like here,. nice right?,. hahaha,. ok,. back to work for the moment,. and hopefully i finish my 3 pending posts,. I just bought me a chocolatina,. which is rocking my whole morning,. [mid-mono-tone,. ya'ay,],.

TODO List :::
  • Dynamic Galleries
  • Look into ActionScript 3.0
  • Content the Services Page
    Layout Content on the Home [main]
  • Kick Aleman's ass until he finishes choosing the photos,.
  • Edit the mp3 player., change the original layout.

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