Above and Beyond @ Multiplaza 10.25.2008

Windy night,. and the pain, even though it has been active all day, finally fades away, as the chemicals run through my body soothing the nerves,. All this due to a night that left me scarred the coming days., All worth it as there was only one thing in mind at the time. [ To celebrate the music with the makers themselves]. I'm talking about those dirt devils known as Above & Beyond a.k.a. OceanLab/. The concert was one of those moments in life that I'll look back smiling each an every time. The thing about that day is that every aspect of it was perfect. Even the OT I had to do. So I take a step back from the current situation of life my current daily grind and explain exactly why I feel this to be such a very important thing for me,. And I guess it has to do with the happenings which have came to pass since the last 2 quaters of last year. moment in time in which began the moment I carried a load on my back that I just couldnt keep on properly balanced. This began a spiral of insomnia, thought disorder, secondary delusions, reclusion, and a whole lot of confused anger. That was basically the moment of late 2007 where a chapter of this life turned the page around. Turning the page around can be exiting. Sometimes, it's just too much one soul can bare. I once said,. "sorry for making go through so much pain, because know I see what I made you go through", you obviouly took no importance of that comment,. To this day I hold it to be true. But time has gone on. Things have changed. But like I was saying at the moment it all felt as though I couldnt balance myself,. Either all my feelings were all to the left or all them were pushing me to the right,. Either I was angry or I was upset. At least to say in the moments of solitude or mind reclusion. Im not gonna lie I did laugh or smiled during these times..,. But these were not happy time per se. Time outside the house late at night did gave me one thing. Freedom and the time I needed to let that dark feeling of sorrow course through my veins and release to some extent out of my system. During that time., during that,. process,. Is were my attention to Above & Beyond became more and more acute, through the weekly state of trance that Armin was mixing, I became more and more aware of the music they had manufactured. You know, it's that difference from hearing and listening. Suddenly, their music made sense in the way I felt,. Funny thing was that like the zombie I am,. I already had the album but it was not until that time I started rotating those tracks over and over,. digesting the words, the feel of the beats and synths,. as if though consumed in the sense of being satisfied,. to yearn for that which you crave. "Alone Tonight" may easily explain exactly that absolute acceptance that from this moment I exist, here which I sit, underneath the star light sky, I exist alone, I exist and live without the presence of you. That may sound like nothing to most,. but the realization to me was powerful enough to keep me focused in many different aspects of my own persona. In that sense that helped me through my darkest hours,. The album when you no longer stood by my side.

Haha,. Moments like these I dont understand how come I am who I am,. In many ways I wish I was different. But all in all, inside I definetly like my train of thought. Even if it derails sometimes and may look like I dont care about certain things. well,. nothing to do but smile and keep living.,

Concert itself was an event with a very long time frame, having already missed the previous one. It was the moment to not let the ball drop on this one. And we successfuly managed to make it so. Seeing as though we almost fuck it up multiple times. But we managed to go. And the experience surpasses every bit of expectations I could have had before stepping into that floor. Easily described as the Essential Mix Lived, perfection with every tracked dropped. Like a bomb, they moved the crowd in waves, and each new transistion to a hit. Brought new found energy to those in the brink of exhaustion. I dont know how much I sweated that evening but they almost left me without any water circulating my system which had to be in the end replaced by Smirnoff ICE,. The mix was beautifully constructed with progressive tracks making you move forward to a never reaching height and vocal tracks pouding those mellow lyrics perfectly crafted to keep you in that state of,. well,. trance,. The night had various moments that rocked,. but this image above was one of the best. I mean I think that Tony McGuinness was genuinly surprised when the crowd showed the lyrics were known. Humble mate.,. Much props to the guy.

And that's,.,. in a very very short way, my story on what went on,. and why I like this band.,., And like I said in the beginning the pain in my leg for dancing hour upon hour in that floor., Does not even feel like a price paid. But a scar of a day that will live in infamy in one of the most rocking days of my life. If it weren't true I'd would've posted something about PHP or simply nothing at all,.

"quo amplius eo amplius"
"Something more beyond plenty"
-so you wont need to search it-

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