what you´ve got until is gone

That last sentence. That´s all I wanted to really say. But, you know, one has to roll with the punches, the scars left through life. And the results of the wrongest decisions we end up making. So as I sit here listening to this weeks ASOT [Armin Van Buuren::: A State of Trance]. Even though I know no one will ever read this paragraph. I´m here with the board of keys in my hand. Telling you,. Through all that rain and pain, try your best to keep your head up. For you will need to drive yourself through those hard times.

Yes, even when they act as though they care. When they cannot say hello or goodbye and treat you like you no longer are worth what you once did. That will be the time to keep your head up. That will be the time you will need to make some very hard decisions. The type of decisions that your way of thought will not agree to so easily,.
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