October,. the month of the "weird"

ok,. so everyone i know seems to be running around chaotic in circles ignoring the obvious paths a person should take,. now as i sit here listening to and oldy but beauty ["Sipping Soma - Superconcious"] i have come to realize tha this month has been to hectic for any of us to handle,. now,. let me again asure u,. YES,. i'm an optimistic,. but in the absence of order we all tend to tilt our perspectives to a quiet off-set angle,. now,. enuff,.

im just saying that hopefully the next month, which actually is gonna come and bite my ass, things dont get too hectic,. ooh yes my room has the blue ambient right now,. but i gotta finish my homework,. so lamps on,. music fade away to a better volume,. and off we go,...
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