Imbicel at the wheel of my life

Yeah think about it,. so the person that writes and the one that lives the experiences are basically two different people,. although u could say the conscious or maybe perspective is the one that changes,. heh,. man im hungry,. oki so i found out today the xbox2 is around the corner,. sort of,. so is it wise to buy a ps2 so late? I think not, but im probably wrong,.

so as u've seen im in a terrible exam week and everything is going haywire [i dunno if thats how u spell it] and everything is gonna go more crazy in November cuz i start working! yay! so my next exam week is in the middle of my training which suckz,. but ill manage i thinkz,. anywayz as my life is now suddenly beginning and im still in a life block which makes me be very lame at making decisions,. like for a few weeks now i haven't been able to put my website up n' my novel is nowhere to restarting [it got deleted in a ugly ass scenario taken place in partition hell],. you see!? i lost my train of thought again,.

anywayz,. my main goal is to buy a car which would be my first car :) right now i think its gonna be a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Second Generation of course,. cuz i love its design,. also to get my life up n running a laptop n some other stuff i need for my room,. hehe,. u can tell im a very materialistic dependent person,. haha,. its true,. but i needz what i needz,. man i hope i get good at saving money cuz if not its gonna be way hard to get to my goal,. oh well i just wanted to let u know what goes through in my mind,.

today in class [Derecho Constitucional] it was very lame i dislike my teacher like crazy, but oh well, I cant be ranting about every ignorant i meet,. :p ah well,. hopefully ill be audioblogging some insults from inside the classroom next time,. yay! to the power of technology!
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