Monday Blues,.

You know something I hat,... dislike?

I hate that feeling when you get so narrow-sighted that life becomes a race. You wake up, get to work, tasks task task, you take a small break. Chit-chat with individuals (bite-size relationships). Then move back to your daily duties, end your shift. Run through the list of things that happen through-out your evening. Eventually get to sleep (fighting back all those back-light displays) and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

I would think we all secretly wish to break away from that twisted cycle. That race. Is life just to pay your dues? Seems pretty fucked up to me, if it is.

Well,. at the moment I'll do what I was planning to do all Monday evening long. But I was too narrow-minded myself, stuck on the tiredness, stress, and a feeling to escape clouding my logic,.

Gonna listen to music to add to my devices,. I'm tired of listening to the same shit,.
(Pardon my french)

"Shake it,. shake it sugaree,. just don't tell them that you know me,."
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