Far from Rock Steady

It's been a chaotic start of the year. Everything that could go wrong has basically done so. But here we are, slowly patching every single hole on the boat. So on December 30th I moved to a new house. Once I have decent pics I will post for the sake of documentation. Anyways, I have no camera at this time, as even my mobile's camera ha decided to fail.

So let's list the stuff that has decided to fail.

1. I have money in the bank but I can't access it because Payoneer has not sent over my new Debit Card.

2. The fridge has died,. (Repair Men are here trying to bring is back to life, as I type).

3. Internet connection over WiFi is flimsy, need to build a wired network for all devices. But I can't access my money.

4. Women still goving me drama.

Update 03 02 2016 - publishing this draft,.
-Fuck, January was a bitch,.-