From Bollywood - Just saw Tevar, my thumbs up.

One of my strange guilty-like pleasures in this world is Indian Cinema (Love their creativity (story telling, humor, camera work, use of color tones, pace control, I respect their work), Indian music has an awesome sound (can't ever go wrong with Indian music) and I just saw this gem of a movie. You gotta give it to Amit Ravindernath Sharma for this entertaining story, great visuals, soundtrack. I mean it's an action flick. Always awesome to see what comes out of Bollywood,.

Again, action flick,. don't judge me,. haha,.

Official Trailer:

Madamiyan - Official Full Video Song - Tevar

(Love that beat in the beginning..)

Joganiyan - Official Full Song Video - Tevar
(Love it)

Just all out good stuff,. There has been other Indian movies released this year that I want to see. But all in due time.

Anyways,. back to the code,. like I said a few hours ago. 

Night, world,.
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