Dreams of Enthralling Danger,.

You know that feeling at the pit of your stomach, when you see someone or something that strikes you right at the core, someone or something you've held too much feels built up for. Those feelings, memories, thoughts are dormant, excluded from your day to day persona.

A sweet sense of "oh, shit,. this is not good...", a captivating discomfort, fear of facing that which you hold dear. Tender and sensitive armored by layers of protection, yet the danger of disruption seduces & amuses your deep thoughts.

The sweet safety of dreams. Ignorance, it is not so bliss when you think you've committed wrong decisions during a dream. Because sadly, you think you're causing havoc in more ways than one to your real life. Felt so so bad, yet, with a dash of pretty sweet to welcome trouble, even though it was all in my head.

Long day, but work is done, webinars complete, member's happy. It's time for the sun to drop and make way for a long night. The rain has accompanied during this session. But it's time to switch mode. I'll keep my thoughts close, as we watch the social fire dance commence.

On another topic (close but off). Last Wednesday night. Feeling that kept stuck in me, must be messed up trying hard to seduce someone, but they're stuck tripping a song off staring at the lights.
Well, I kind know how some of that kinda feels, lol, but that's something else entirely (looks away,.).

Jumping on random topics. I got too many drafts. Note to self's, I must publish, stick around and complete. Hopefully soon.

All in all, bottom line,. nothing can bring you happiness but yourself,. even if the week was a grind from hell.

On that note. Time to get up and get lost. tip of the hat. Good night world. Cue up the track. lol.

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