Short Stop.

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It's been a hectic month since my last post,. (as always, consistency, one of my areas of improvement),.

Been busy getting things in order, connecting bridges, burning others. Opening doors for those I see fit and closing others that I have no reason to keep open. My job? Demanding, it takes time I could use to build other projects, but that is life. No other way about it. No time for those that demand too much of it and are never satisfied.

So some of my plans are on hold, until further notice. But great milestones are nearing ahead (as long as I keep my ducks in line and walking. Walk bitches,.).

Off-Topic (With a point in the end, I promise.) - The 1st of January, I went out with a few friends, after the New Years celebration with the family, we ended joining some folks @ Paseo El Carmen. One of my friend's acquaintance blurted out this little gem, -"este año, es el año del exito" and those of us who were there at the time laughed, it was funny cause he was drunk and the guy is one of the strangest persons I've met up to know. Anyways, we have kept mentioning that phrase as the year goes by. 

But, as funny as it is mentioning it (you have to say it with conviction) for every little plan we have, there might just be something inside that phrase that opens up a can of whoop-ass in the universe that is helping our plans march along. 

That said, (which is not much at all) I need to move, for the moment. But I had to let this go on my senseless stream of thoughts, as a reminder I have to come back and leave my State of a Daydreamer 2015 address (lol, lame). Lot's of thought's I rather see in text and re-digest through my eyes.

Hopefully I'll post some of these over this weekend or later tonight, it all depends, but, it has to remain documented.

And as I leave to take a bath and do partially, my Friday night Routine. I leave this track that has been in my head pushing me on, the past month or two. 

Funny how it centers me, instead of triggering a panic attack. Comfort zone? Don't know, but the beat is crazy, which works well with my off-set self.

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