Dangerous Type.

Mixed feelings about eveything that has crossed my mind today. I consider being an optimist more often than not. But today,. Jeez fuckn' Louise. Still trying to phase out the little number I was given this morning.

That aside. O.T. was chill. Worked a few tickets and screencasts, putting on the support hat and mask people love. Bought a mobo for the macbook pro to improve dev. (Damn purchase was induced by the morning's shitty feels). So the hell with it. let's fix it now.

Almost finished watching The Walking Dead Season 3 (keeping in mind, I already saw all 5 current seasons, but what a story and characters). Strange to feel I can relate to that psyche more than normal life.

After OT and TWD. I did was next to impossible since for years. Took an afternoon nap. Which did help somehow. But now it starts, I didn't go out Friday night (cause I needed to wake up early), the urge magnifies, and frantically consumes my chill state. It's time to breath the night's air. Time to go for a little ride. This could get ugly.

Still have some drafts to publish about other things going on. Hopefully me, myself and my dark passenger (that guy that makes me do stuff) get through those bits and pieces soon.

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